Baker’s Corner: All About Bagels

Traditional Bagels VS Regular Baked Bagels

Traditional or Classic Bagels are more filling, tasty and chewy as they are boiled before baking. They are boiled between 30 to 60 seconds on each side. Otherwise, if you want your bagels chewier and thicker, boil it 2 minutes on each side. The longer you boil the dough, the thicker and chewier it becomes. The boiling process makes the starches in the flour of the dough gelatinize. Boiling makes the bagels set apart.

Basically, the main purpose of boiling the dough before baking is to make the outside crust sets. The amount of time of boiling the bagel dough definitely affects the bagel’s interior texture.

Regular Baked Bagels are just like regular bread. It doesn’t have that thick and chewy texture or that unique characteristic of a traditional bagel. With the regular baked bagels, there’s no boiling involved although you can add different toppings just like the traditional ones but there’s still a big difference when it comes to taste and texture.

Most bagels that are sold in the groceries or supermarkets, bakeries and coffee shops are not boiled. You can easily tell the difference! However, I am sure that there are still a few bakeries that sell traditional bagels and of course a little costly.

At home, I usually make the traditional bagels. Once you’ve tried them, it becomes harder to switch to regular baked bagels. My children actually preferred the traditional or classic bagels.

Try making the traditional or classic bagels, I am sure you’ll enjoy them!

Published by Amazing Grace

Hi there, my name is Grace M Dy and I always called myself as “Dy Amazing Grace”. I am a blessed with two children David and Charmaine. I live to laugh, love, travel and cook and bake sometimes. I love the nature especially the oceans and the smell of the rainforest. I travel a lot with my daughter and would like to share the places that we’ve been. I do cook and bake not as a professional one but just as a simple mom and I would like to share them with you all.

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