Baker’s Corner: Understanding Sourdough Starter. Introducing my new pet “Cruella”

For the past two weeks, I have been learning the basics of baking Sourdough and Artisan Bread. Again, just like most of you, I am not a professional baker. I still have so much to learn and I really enjoy my journey…

This past week, I attempted to make sourdough starter which is one of the important ingredients of sourdough bread aside from flour and water of course. I admit that it was quiet a challenge to me but I did it!

Now, let’s talk about Sourdough Starter. Sourdough Starter is made from flour and water which is used to make sourdough bread to rise instead of using the commercial yeast. It is also called Levain which is a fermented dough filled with bacteria and natural wild yeast. The process of making Sourdough Starter could take 3 to 7 days or even longer. High temperature or humidity greatly affects its process. So, try to store your sourdough starter at the warmest place in your home.

Yes, you can use the commercial yeast instead of Sourdough Starter to make sourdough bread but it is the sourdough starter that gives the sour taste and the unique texture of sourdough bread.

There are a few ways to make sourdough starter and I’ve watched a few videos on how to make it in Youtube. If you love sourdough bread and would like to make one, I’d recommend watching a few videos on Youtube before attempting to make the Sourdough Starter. Believe me, it helps!

This is my Sourdough Starter and I named it “Cruella“. This is my new pet, I take care and feed it everyday with all my heart…

Sourdough Starter requires your dedication and 2 minutes of your time everyday for feeding. However, if you’re not a regular baker, you can always store it in the fridge and maybe need to feed only once a week.

As I have mentioned earlier, there are a few ways to make sourdough starter. There is one that involves discarding of mature starter and feed everyday and there is one that you just keep on feeding everyday until the sourdough starter becomes active. When your sourdough starter is ready and alive, it normally doubles or triples in quantity. bubbly and it has that sour smell. Just like mine on the above photo, it actually tripled. Also, when you’re discarding the mature starter, don’t throw them but instead save them for pancakes or breads.

For my Sourdough Starter, it took 8 days before it became alive. Yes, I was a bit frustrated during the process and that’s why I came up with its name “Cruella” since I found the process frustrating and cruel. My children were telling me to be patient because I kept telling them that I failed! I actually threw the Sourdough Starter on Day 7 because I thought it was dead. But when I was about to discard it on my sink and ran some water in the jar, I noticed that it has lots of bubbly stuff on it, so I tried to save a third of the mixture and instead feed it. The next day which is Day 8, it tripled and finally alive and active. Voila! Patience is definitely what I need and the key to it. I started another Sourdough Starter using white flour and the other one using whole wheat. By the way, I used rye flour on my Sourdough Starter.

Now, I am very excited to make Sourdough Breads. For sure, I will let you know how it goes with my sourdough bread. Below, I am sharing with you some links for sourdough starter recipe. Please watch them all to give some more insights. These are the three pf my favorite videos that really helped me understand the process of making Sourdough Starter. Thanks to @chefstudio

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