Korean Fried Chicken Wings

Who doesn’t love Korean Fried Chicken Wings?

I’m sure everyone loves Korean Fried Chicken Wings. You can deep fry them or simply airfry them. However, if you really want to taste the real Korean style fried chicken, then deep fry them and forget calorie counting!

Marinate the chicken wings for at least 4 hours or longer. You can spice it up anyway your heart desires.

I normally marinate them with salt, black pepper, paprika, dried parsley, garlic, 2 tbsp of milk. Sometimes, I add some chili flakes to make them a little spicy.

For coating, you would need the following:

  • 1/2 cup flour
  • 1/2 cup corn or potato starch
  • 1 egg
  • 3-4 cups Vegetable oil for deep frying.

On a medium size bowl, mix the dry ingredients. On a separate bowl, beat the egg.


  • Heat oil to 375F
  • Dip the chicken into the beaten egg
  • Coat with the flour mixture
  • When oil is ready, drop the chicken one by one and do not over crowd them.
  • When they’re golden brown remove and drain the oil and fry the remaining.
  • After the first fry, make sure the oil is back to 375F
  • Then, start frying for the second time for 2 minutes and remove and drain the oil
  • Serve with any sauce like honey garlic or bbq sauce or spicy Korean style sauce. However, if you’re serving with Scallion Salad, then you may not need the sauce at all. I posted the Scallion Salad recipe just recently, too.
Scallion Salad

Korean Gochujang sauce, mix the following:

  • 2 tbsp gochujang paste
  • 2 tbsp ketchup
  • 1 tbsp brown sugar
  • 1 tbsp honey

Published by Amazing Grace

Hi there, my name is Grace M Dy and I always called myself as “Dy Amazing Grace”. I am a blessed with two children David and Charmaine. I live to laugh, love, travel and cook and bake sometimes. I love the nature especially the oceans and the smell of the rainforest. I travel a lot with my daughter and would like to share the places that we’ve been. I do cook and bake not as a professional one but just as a simple mom and I would like to share them with you all.

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