Choco Chips Banana Bread

Good morning everyone! Today, I am sharing my family’s recipe for Chocolate Chips Banana Bread or simply plain Banana Bread. I bake banana bread once a week. Why? It’s the easiest and fastest type of bread to make. Unlike regular bread, it takes longer time to make due to longer preparation time needed since youContinue reading “Choco Chips Banana Bread”

Destination: Grand Cayman Island

Today, my magic carpet will take you to all to the beautiful Grand Cayman Island which is the largest island among the three Cayman Islands in the Caribbean. Grand Cayman Island, aside from it’s rich arts and culture, it is famous for beautiful coral reefs, turtles, colored iguanas, the incredible Stingray City or sandbar, underwaterContinue reading “Destination: Grand Cayman Island”

Destination: Caraga Region, Philippines

Surigao del Norte is where the famous surfing destination in the Philippines located, the Siargao Island. Siargao is known for its unique excellent surfing, beautiful deserted beaches, caves, warm water and sea foods. Aside from surfing, another famous activity is island hopping and explore the beautiful caves and sandy islets. While Surigao del Sur isContinue reading “Destination: Caraga Region, Philippines”