Food for thought: Baked Salmon

Today, I am sharing a very easy and quick dinner recipe. I normally use the oven toaster for this. I like my baked salmon very simple with just sprinkle of my favorite spices, himalayan salt and top with some honey garlic barbecue sauce or mayonnaise. For barbecue sauce, I used Diana sauce. Ingredients: Slices ofContinue reading “Food for thought: Baked Salmon”

Food for thought: Halo-halo

Happy Thanksgiving Canada! Hi Everyone, I hope and wish you all in Canada a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving! Today, I will talk about Halo-halo which is the famous Filipino all year round treat. Halo-halo means “mixed” in Philippines. Basically, it’s all mixed fruits, sweetened treats like leche flan, ube halaya, sweetened bananas, sweet corn, pinipigContinue reading “Food for thought: Halo-halo”

Food for thought: Cassava Cake

Hello Everyone, today I will be sharing with you the recipe of one of the Filipino famous desserts, the Cassava Cake. If you have some Filipino friends or coworkers or have attended parties or gatherings hosted by Filipinos, for sure you have tasted this type of delicacy. Together with other of your favorite Filipino foodsContinue reading “Food for thought: Cassava Cake”

Food for thought: Chicken Enchiladas

Hola a todos! Enchiladas are one of the famous Mexican food and also originated in Mexico. Enchilada are made by rolling tortillas around food. Traditionally, corn tortillas are folded or rolled to wrap around fresh small fish caught by natives in the lake areas in the valley of Mexico way back the Mayan or AztecContinue reading “Food for thought: Chicken Enchiladas”

Food for thought: Raisins Bread

Hello everyone! How’s your weekend coming by? I hope everyone is enjoying the last days of summer as we enter Fall season officially this Tuesday, September 22nd. For most of us, it seems that we kind of skipped Spring and Summer and definitely I feel you since I myself totally missed Spring and Summer. HopefullyContinue reading “Food for thought: Raisins Bread”

Food for thought: Pizza

Hello everyone, I hope all is well for you all. For those who have children who are going back to school, I thought that I would share the pizza dough recipe for you all mommies and maybe to some daddies too. And of course to everyone… To most parents, sending children back to school isContinue reading “Food for thought: Pizza”

Food for thought: Pandesal

What is Pandesal? Pandesal is a Filipino famous bread. Although these days, there are different flavors available like ube cheese, pandan, cheese and the original plain pandesal. Whatever is the flavor, I guarantee you’ll love it. What I am going to share is the original plain recipe. Pandesal is commonly eaten with pat of butterContinue reading “Food for thought: Pandesal”

Food for thought: White Bread

Happy Thursday Everyone! I hope you’re enjoying your week as we approach the weekend. And we are almost done with August and seems the whole world is still not back to normal. It looks like that we are in for the long haul with this pandemic. Let’s continue to take extra precautions on what weContinue reading “Food for thought: White Bread”

Baker says: Invest on a good Stand Mixer

Hi Everyone, I didn’t realize that I’d be doing a lot of baking for my blog. At first, I thought I’d be blogging more about my travels since I travel a lot more than I bake. Actually, I started baking more when the global lockdown was implemented due to the pandemic and international travels wasContinue reading “Baker says: Invest on a good Stand Mixer”