Destination: Melbourne and Sydney, Australia

Just before I share my travel experience to Australia early this year, I just want you all to know that my purpose of starting my travel blog again is only to give you ideas of beautiful travel destinations in the future when it is totally safe to travel once again. However, I am not encouragingContinue reading “Destination: Melbourne and Sydney, Australia”

Destination: Grand Canyon, Arizona and Hoover Dam, Nevada, USA

Today, we are going to explore the beautiful Grand Canyon of Arizona, USA. It is carved by the Colorado River with about 277 miles in length, 18 miles in width and over a mile in depth. The Grand Canyon is one of the most visited US National Parks and one of the Seven Natural WondersContinue reading “Destination: Grand Canyon, Arizona and Hoover Dam, Nevada, USA”

Destination: Grand Cayman Island

Today, my magic carpet will take you to all to the beautiful Grand Cayman Island which is the largest island among the three Cayman Islands in the Caribbean. Grand Cayman Island, aside from it’s rich arts and culture, it is famous for beautiful coral reefs, turtles, colored iguanas, the incredible Stingray City or sandbar, underwaterContinue reading “Destination: Grand Cayman Island”

Destination: Caraga Region, Philippines

Surigao del Norte is where the famous surfing destination in the Philippines located, the Siargao Island. Siargao is known for its unique excellent surfing, beautiful deserted beaches, caves, warm water and sea foods. Aside from surfing, another famous activity is island hopping and explore the beautiful caves and sandy islets. While Surigao del Sur isContinue reading “Destination: Caraga Region, Philippines”