Coming from an overdone snooze…

Hello Everyone, Hope all is well for you all. It’s been awhile that I haven’t posted on a regular basis and my sincerest apology especially for those past comments that I haven’t responded. I am not finding excuses but I am back now… Happy Spring all! Have you done your “Spring Cleaning”? Where I amContinue reading “Coming from an overdone snooze…”

Banana Bread baked just like Banana Muffins

Happy Sunday Everyone! Today, I sharing with you all my Banana Bread. Yes! It’s Banana Bread baked using the muffins baking pan. The nice thing with baking, you can be more creative just like I did today. However, if you’re ever diverting from the original recipe or baking instructions, you’d need to be more carefulContinue reading “Banana Bread baked just like Banana Muffins”