Destination: Palawan, Philippines

Good day everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. These days, we share the same fight towards Covid19 and we all know that this situation is all temporary. We may not be able to travel sooner, but we can always see the world virtually and with my magic carpet let me take you toContinue reading “Destination: Palawan, Philippines”

Destination: Philippines

Our first destination would be Philippines. I chose Philippines because I was born and raised there. Philippines is a beautiful country it’s not because I am from there but it’s the real thing. Aside from beautiful beaches, places and rich history, the people are indeed beautiful inside out. Filipinos are amazing hosts, very kind andContinue reading “Destination: Philippines”

First day…

Hi everyone, Welcome to my travel blog! My name is Grace and I am very excited to share with you my travels. I just retired and I am determined to live my life to love, laugh and travel. I love to travel to see the world, experience different food and cultures. I mostly travel withContinue reading “First day…”